FOOD : my meal plan for the week #3

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a new kind of meal plan post – this time with video !
otherwise it’s just as usual : vegan, healthy, cheap, and time-saving. not to mention delicious of course ^.^

so i know it’s thursday and that might be a weird timing to upload a meal plan video, but we shot this on monday. it just takes time to edit you know.
let’s take a look.

here are all the recipes by the way :
lentil & potato comfort soup
breakfast bowl with homemade oat milk
3 ways to make your smoothie healthier
gluten-free crisp bread
healthiest ever granola
sushi burritos
vegan simplified bibimbap
golden crispy tofu without oil
choco milkshake
3 ingredient chocolate mousse
caesar kale energy bowl
holiday kale salad

ok need to run. i have a mid-morning flatlay to attend to.

love // jenny

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  4. Just had Kimchi for the first time based
    on your suggestion. Loved it! Thanks for encouraging others to embrace new things.

  5. This looks so good! I find your videos and recipes very inspiring. I was a vegan for about three years in my late teens and early 20s, then I was obsessed with the art of cheese-making so went back to being a vegetarian (which I had been since I was about 16). Then I moved to New Zealand about four years ago and started eating meat again for the first time in about 13 years! I am not totally unhappy with my current diet but I want to reduce animal sources further so this is great. Thank you!

  6. Hello :) love your videos! I’ve been vegan for a bout half of the year now and I’ve never been a meat eater anyway so that’s never been my problem but I did have a couple of questions. When ever you became vegan did you start losing your appetite for most foods? Because that has been happening to me lately all I crave is watermelon at the moment ha ha. also I had another question how do I keep my household vegan friendly when others in my household do not want that lifestyle ?

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