ETC : my most popular posts of 2015

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happy new year guys !
it’s happened again – a new year, a clean slate. january 1st is one of my favourite days of the year. all smoothies, white tulips, ice cold water with lime, calm and quiet, watching movies and reading, maybe a slow walk in the snow.

what are you up to today ?
no matter what your plans are, i hope you had a great day yesterday, and that you’re feeling ready for 2016. it’s going to be the best year yet, i can feel it !

i’ll post my monthly column within the next few days. but before looking ahead, i feel like gazing back for a second. last year was incredible for me, so much stuff happened. and i’m so grateful to each and every one of you for sharing this past year with me.

this post is all about you. a summary of the posts you found most interesting last year. let’s go !

the most popular post by far last year was a recipe post. can you guess which ?
yep i’m talking about the no-bake banana choco slices ! you guys really went cray cray for those ^^

you also seemed to really enjoy my cashew cheese, my super healthy granola, jenny’s dinner special, and the only tomato sauce you’ll ever need ( which we coincidently made for our new year’s dinner last night, served with homemade pesto tortellini oh yum ! )

all these recipes are actually video posts. is that just by chance, or do you like recipe posts with videos more than regular recipe posts ?

cashew cheese

super healthy granola

jenny’s dinner special

the only tomato sauce you’ll ever needtomatosauce1small

moving on ! you know i love talking about health, and the most popular health post last year was the 3 ways of making your smoothie healthier video post.
close second was the post i wrote about my diet. i felt it necessary to quickly explain how and what i eat, and my view on diet in general, and you seemed interested in reading about that too. you also liked the 3 things i eat everyday post.

of all the columns from 2015, the most read one is the one about how i became vegan.
besides from that post, the most popular columns are always the ones about david. you’re a big bunch of romantics aren’t you ?
i got such a huge response on the 3 signs that you’re a happy couple post, and also popular was the how i met david and the 8 year engagement columns.
on another subject completely, you also liked to read about how instagram changed my life.

a bit surprising to me was that the 3 movies that will make you stop buying stuff and become a minimalist post was so popular. you also read my text minimalism – where to begin quite a lot. i asked you are you a minimalist ? and you read and replied.

then there were of course the travel and fashion posts, but strangely they were all quite similarly popular. what’s up with that ?

of all the post from last year on this blog, the one i got most unexpectedly overwhelmed and happily surprised by the response was the i want to get to know you better post. how much fun me and david had reading all your stories ! it really made us feel close to you. so a big thank you to everyone who shared your stories in the comments, in emails, on instagram and facebook. it truly meant a lot to us.

ok happy reading if you’re ( like me ) having a slow day in comfy clothes relaxing your way into the new year.

and if you have a moment to spare – go ahead and tell me which one of my posts last year was your favourite !
would love to know ^^

happy new year !

love // jenny

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  1. Happy New Year to you Jenny, David, and loved ones.

    I think your vids are fantastic! I enjoy reading your blog, and seeing all your artistic pics here and on instagram as much.

    Thank you, again.


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